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About BetterGEDCOM
BetterGEDCOM was organized in the fall of 2010, by DearMyrtle, Greg Lamberson and Russ Worthington, after Myrt and Russ had problems sharing genealogical information about a mutual line. Their data had become lost or mangled in the transfer. Knowing many others shared the same frustrations, these dedicated technologists and users fostered the BetterGEDCOM grassroots effort. The project’s original goal was to develop a standard for genealogy [[#|data archiving]] and transfer that would be accepted internationally.
This grassroots effort has grown into a dynamic, open forum for the exchange of ideas about different aspects of technology and standardization. More than two years later, the BetterGEDCOM wiki is home to 163 members; 3,432 wiki pages have been created and more than 8,500 discussion posts have been made. Numerous approaches to the genealogical model have been expressed on the wiki. More importantly, personal and/or collaborative efforts have resulted in a substantial body of work.
Much of this work now needs a more structured and organised environment to come to fruition. To address this need, an ad hoc committee of BetterGEDCOM wiki members has established the Family History Information Standards Organisation (FHISO), a standards-setting organisation. FHISO will provide the environment for the further development necessary to realise the goals of BetterGEDCOM, and to participate in the development of general data standards where the collective interests of genealogy must be represented. Under FHISO, registered working groups will receive support, and project-level work will be managed.
FHISO continues to sponsor of the BetterGEDCOM wiki.

Establishing a community standards organization is not without its challenges. The article, "One Community, One Standard," outlines current challenges FHISO is facing.
Let's talk.Why FHISO?


FHISO Membership
Family History Information Standards Organisation (FHISO) is a membership-based, standards-setting organisation. The success of FHISO depends on the voluntary participation of vendors, developers, technologists, users and power-users and those who approach genealogy/family history from a scholarly perspective. There is no substitute for the active involvement of these different global stakeholder groups in its standards-setting process. Only members of FHISO participate in its consensus-building and governance processes and access the members-only portion of the FHISO website. We hope the members of the BetterGEDCOM wiki [[#|join]] FHISO and become part of this dynamic new organisation.

For more information about joining FHISO, please see its website, "Membership Enquiries."

Open [[#|Enrollment]] in BetterGEDCOM
BetterGEDCOM participants (currently 160+) formed this independent wiki community to define terms that genealogists, family historians and programmers use and to develop data sharing standards that software programs and websites would adopt to provide for seamless data sharing between users, and between users and websites. We invite all to participate in the discussions at BetterGEDCOM, looking forward to the day when all genealogy data can be shared without [[#|data loss]].

BetterGEDCOM Blog
You may enjoy viewing posts at the BetterGEDCOM Blog where researchers have diligently attempted to describe the problems we encounter when importing and exporting GEDCOM files.

Feel free to have a look around and make a contribution so that together we can facilitate better sharing of genealogical data.